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About The University of Chicago Tartan

This official tartan pattern -- created in 1998 -- celebrates the university's storied past and promising future, creating a timeless keepsake you’ll cherish for years to come.

This tartan incorporates the university's colors of maroon and white, along with subtle accents of gray and black. The design features intersecting lines and patterns that symbolize the diverse academic disciplines and intellectual pursuits championed by the university.

The University of Chicago's official tartan holds special significance within the university community, serving as a visual representation of its commitment to rigorous scholarship, academic excellence, and interdisciplinary collaboration. It is proudly displayed in various university events, academic regalia, and merchandise, fostering a sense of pride and unity among students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

For more background on The University of Chicago's official tartan, please review its official listing on the Scottish Register of Tartans: